We are fortunate in Asheville to be surrounded by a rich culture that has a deep concern for the environment, our individual and collective health, and ethical and compassionate lifestyles. These are some of the reasons why Asheville has become a top destination for serious foodies who travel from not just all over Western North Carolina but from around the world.


As a locally-owned independent restaurant, plant is committed to the aforementioned principles and being an integral productive member of our community. And success to us means that our guests feel rewarded for choosing the compassionate and exciting dining experience that plant offers. To achieve such, we promise the following.

  • To offer flavor-sophisticated scratch-made food using only carefully chosen ingredients that come from the earth.  Each dish will reflect a multicultural influence of the best vegetables, spices, and techniques that inspire us to eat.
  • To provide professional, friendly, and knowledgeable service.
  • To maintain a warm intimate physical space in which the kitchen and dining area are interconnected and guests are able to thoroughly enjoy the sights and sounds of our creative food preparation process.
  • To make every effort to do business with local vendors and to use organic, local, and seasonal produce whenever possible.
  • To tread lightly on the planet and be ever-mindful of our environmental responsibilities.
  • To recognize the intrinsic value of all life and acknowledge that all non-human animals are individuals with inherent worth, not to be exploited by humans.
  • To acknowledge that plant-based food will promote health and longevity.
  • To invest in and give back to our community on a regular basis.